The Morien Institute Interview with Dr Paul Weinzweig of Advanced Digital Communications (ADC) about the underwater structures discovered off the coast of Cuba


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Morien Institute interview with
- Dr Paul Weinzweig -

Advanced Digital Communications
Havana, Cuba


Advanced Digital Communications (ADC), based in Havana, Cuba, discovered the megalithic formations over the past two years using increasingly sophisticated equipment. The image directly below is of the winch that lowers and retrieves the Remotely-Operated-Vehicle (ROV) from the sea. It carries an array of lighting and video
cameras. On this current expedition (June 2002) they have also taken a magnetometer
to search for any metals which may be present amongst the megalithic ruins.
Dr Paul Weinzweig told the Morien Institute on June 5th 2002 that:

"Presently (June 2002) the ship and team are conducting magnetometer, sidescan and ROV
investigations of Cuban deep territorial waters in the Yucatan Channel"


the ROV on the 'Ulises'research vessel

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Copyright 2001 ADC -- Havana, Cuba



the ADC expedition crew eating their evening meal on board the 'Ulises' research ship. This is
the time when they can relax, discuss the day's findings, and plan which part of the
vast megalithic complex they should investigate next ...

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copyright october 2001 ADC
- Havana, Cuba


Below, the ADC expedition crew winch the ROV aboard the 'Ulises' around sunset
after a long day of deep water exploration in the Yucatan Channel

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copyright october 2001 ADC
- Havana, Cuba


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