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This page is designed to provide a only a small list of current archæological resources for the academic, the amateur, and the simply curious enquirers into the many still unexplained mysteries of the prehistoric past. Please contact us if you know of any other websites that you feel should be listed on these pages ...



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Archæological Resource Guide for Europe

Image/Link to the Archaeological Resource Guide for Europe

In their own words "The Archæological Resource Guide for Europe (ARGE) is the official World Wide Web Virtual Library page for European Archæology. It is an indexed selection of hypertext links to currently available archæological web pages in Europe.

In order to make ARGE truly accessible throughout Europe, we provide all links in the original language (where available). Our resource descriptions and the ARGE interface itself will eventually be made accessible in a range of European languages".

With over 1700 links to archæological digs, university departments, and journals in 42 countries in Europe, their subject list ranges from Aerial Photography to Nautical Archæology, Datbases, Fringe Archæology, Ice Mummies, Mapping & GIS, Nomads, and Sites & Monuments. Just click on their logo above to access the site.

The ARGE Geographical Index allows links to be accessed country by country, giving details of current excavations, and how volunteers can get involved. One of the most insteresting links is to a website focussing on Megalithic Astronomy in Mid-Wales that details the studies of people inspired by the pioneering work of Alexander Thom. One of the most comprehensive archæological resources on the Internet, the ARGE site is worth bookmarking for future visits.



Image/Link to ArchNet In their own words "ArchNet serves as the World Wide Web Virtual Library for Archæology. This server provides access to archæological resources available on the Internet." In actual fact the ArchNet has a number of homepages that are available in a number of European languages. These include: Catalan; Dutch; French; German; Italian and Spanish, and a comprehensive list of links to the Academic Departments of many universities, as well as museums and exhibitions.

In what must be one of the most unique resources on the Internet, it also links to a site for Sources of Information on Antiquities Theft which invites anyone interested to download the whole resource if they share the compiler's concerns. The ArchNet site is another must visit.


Discovering the Inca ice mummy

An Image/Link to the National Geographic's Ice 

Maiden inter-active tour pages This site is an inter-active tour of the expedition that took place in 1995 on Peru's Mount Ampato. The National Geographic's 'explorer-in-residence', Johan Reinhard, an archæologist who has spent more than 30 years mountain climbing in both the Andes and the Himalayas, embarked on an expedition to view the erupting volcano, Mount Sabancaya, from the suumit of nearby Mount Ampato.

In a local village they made an offering of corn beer to the gods, in a gesture to local custom during a traditional festival, before they left. Their discoveries of ancient Inca artefacts are detailed in Johan Reinhard's book about the Ice Maiden -
"Discovering the Inca Ice Maiden"

"Mysterious Britain"

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