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Over the past few years, as technological advances have allowed ocean scientists to get a clearer view of the sea-floors around the world, they have increasingly encountered 'megalithic ruins' in almost every corner of the globe. This is nothing surprising. Ocean scientists, at least, have known for many years that the sea-levels rose rapidly at the end of the last Ice Age. Yet none seemed willing to even suggest that the technologies developed for under-sea oil and mineral exploitation could be just as usefully deployed for the purposes of archŠological exploration - until recently that is ...

The past tendency of scientists to dismiss out of hand any talk of 'underwater cities' has been the main reason why these discoveries remaining undiscovered for as long as they have. The refusal of mainstream scientists to take seriously the many hundreds of 'flood myths' that have passed down over countless millennia in the 'folk tales' and 'oral traditions' of almost all peoples worldwide, is another sad reflection on the narrow-minded know-it-alls that have dominated, and manipulated, our views of prehistory for more than 150 years. Because of this regratably on-going situation, people are becoming increasingly suspicious of the 'picture of the past' they are presented with in our schools, colleges and universities ...

Earlier this year, the Morien Institute decided to track down leading explorers around the world, whose recent discoveries have challenged orthodox thinking about prehistory, and in many cases completely turned established ideas about the past very firmly on their heads.

below are links to those explorers we've interviewed so far. Other interviews are being prepared ...

... exclusive ...

October 2002 Morien Institute illustrated interview with
Professor Masaaki Kimura of the University of the Ruykyus, Okinawa, Japan
about the discovery of:

"More megalithic structures found off the coast of Yonaguni-jima, Japan"

please left-click to go directlt the interview with Professor Masaaki Kimura


... exclusive ...

June 2002 Morien Institute illustrated interview with
Dr Paul Weinzweig of Advanced Digital Communications, Havana, Cuba

about the discovery of:

"Megalithic urban ruins off the coast of Cuba"

please left-click to go directlt the interview with Dr Paul Weinzweig


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