The Morien Institute - Interview with Dr Paul Weinzweig of Advanced Digital Communications (ADC) about the underwater structures discovered off the coast of Cuba


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Morien Institute interview with
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Advanced Digital Communications
Havana, Cuba


On May 28 2002 National Geographic News reported on the many recent discoveries underwater on the coastal shelves around the world. The story focussed on the recent discovery of megalithic ruins some 2,200 ft below
sea level off the coast of Cuba, and made some interesting comments about ancient 'flood myths':

"Ancient stories of massive floods pass from generation to generation and in many places in the world are integral to a people's spoken history. The tales differ by locale, but commonly feature either torrential rains or a hugely destructive wall of water bursting into a valley, destroying everything in its path. In many cases, the flooding is an act of retribution by displeased gods. Scientists, historians, and archaeologists view many of these enduring tales as myth, legend, or allegoric tales meant to illustrate moral principles. Recent findings indicate that at least a few of them could be based on real floods that caused destruction on an enormous scale."


geologist Dr Manuel Iturralde of Cuba's Natural History Museum and archæologist Dr Gabino La Rosa of the Cuban Museum of Natural Sciences discuss ocean charts of the underwater megalith discovery area

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copyright © october 2001 ADC
- Havana, Cuba


an ADC crew member operates the Sidescan Sonar while a colleague looks on. The images it sends back to the
'Ulises' are compared with the ocean charts of the area, and it seems that the plateau 2,200 ft down
where the megalithic complex was discovered is right on the edge of a geological fault-line

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copyright © october 2001 ADC
- Havana, Cuba


an ADC crew member 'flying' the ROV from the controls aboard the 'Ulises'. The remotely-operated-vehicle
is attached to the ship by a fibre-optic cable, which allows the operator to navigate the Cuban deep
territorial waters in the Yucatan Channel, where the megaliths were discovered in July 2000

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copyright © october 2001 ADC
- Havana, Cuba


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