page five of the high resolution images from the Morien Institute interview with – Dr Paul Weinzweig –

The Morien Institute - Interview with Dr Paul Weinzweig of Advanced Digital Communications (ADC) about the underwater structures discovered off the coast of Cuba


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On May 15 2001, ocean engineer, Paulina Zelitsky, of ADC was quoted in a Reuters despatch from Havana, Cuba:

“We don’t know what it is and we don’t have the videotaped evidence of this yet, but we do not believe that nature is capable of producing planned symmetrical architecture, unless it is a miracle, … It is stunning. What we see in our high-resolution sonar images are limitless, rolling, white sand plains and, in the middle of this beautiful white sand, there are clear manmade large-size architectural designs. It looks like when you fly over an urban development in a plane and you see highways, tunnels and buildings … ”


Below, an ADC crew member is fixing the ROV on the deck of the ‘Ulises’ research vessel

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Havana, Cuba


Below, the ADC expedition team are lowering the ROV back into the water after repairs. The ship is well-equipped for the task, and the crew have many years of experience between them in deep-water exploration

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Havana, Cuba


an ADC crew member at the controls of the ROV. Manoeuvring it precisely is a delicate operation, requiring intense concentration and a steady hand, but the GeoPulse equipment is just right for the job

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Havana, Cuba

“It’s a really wonderful structure which really looks like it could have been a large urban centre … “

Paulina Zelitsky, BBC News, June 7 2001


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