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dry land discoveries – news archive 2001

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archive is about the various discoveries in 2001 which have helped to

create the ‘paradigm shift’

in the historical sciences that characterises the ‘new

appreciation’ of the ancient world.


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Egyptian kite-flyers ‘may have built the pyramids’

This was the headline in the UK newspaper,

The Independent on October 25 2001,

and it seemed at first to be just another strange theory about how the

pyramids were built. Written by their Technology Editor, Charles Arthur,

it opened with the word:

“AN EGYPTIAN hieroglyph showing a number of men in odd postures holding

ropes apparently connected to a huge bird has inspired a new theory about

the way ancient monuments like the pyramids and Stonehenge were built.”

It seems

that a Californian software engineer saw the hieroglyph and wondered if

the ‘bird’ might not have been

a large man-made ‘kite’, that

could have provided the lift to raise the heavy megaliths used to built

the pyramids off the ground, and into place atop each other. This interesting

theory has been voiced before in ‘Earth Mysteries’

circles, though that suggestion was in the context of the building of

the Nazca geoglyphs on the pampa in Peru. The story in The Independent

went on to tell that:

“After managing to raise a 180 kilogram cement block off the ground

with kites bought in a shop, Maureen Clemmons tok the idea to Morteza

Gharib, a professor at the Californian Institute of Technology. He then

lifted a 3.5 ton obelisk by using a large sail.”

The seem to have picked up the story from the

New Scientist, and they quoted Professor Gharib as saying:

“The instant the sail opened into the wind, a huge force was generated

and the obelisk was raised to the vertical in a mere 40 seconds … We

were absolutely stunned.”

The Independent

writer speculated that the discovery offered an alternative theory as

to how the Egyptians, and perhaps other megalith builders in Prydein may

have erected many of their biggest monuments. The idea that man-carrying

kites built along the same principle as modern ‘hang-gliders’

has been an idea that has been around for some time, and there was at

least one attempt in the 1980s to launch one off the top of Glastonbury

Tor in order to see if it might have been a possible way in which the

controversial Glastonbury ‘zodiac temple’

was observed from the air by ancient geoglyph builders.


it is possible to get a clear view of the ‘goat’s

head’ geoglyph in the Pumpsaint

Zodiac Temple discovered by Lewis Edwards in 1947. The nearby

Cwm Twrch heights offer an idea launch-place for such low-tech aircraft,

though it would have to be manoeverable as wind alone would not necessarily

take it directly over the area of Lewis Edwards’ Caer

Sidi temple.

As ever,

The Independent, like most newspapers, turned to an Egyptologist for comments,

and reported that Willeke Wendrich, an associate professor of Egyptology

at the University of California in Los Angeles, scoffed at the idea with

the usual jibe we’ve come to expect:

“The evidence for kite-lifting is non-existent.”

So there

you go! We have it from an ‘ologist’

that this sort of thing has not shown up in the arch?ological record,

so presumably it could never have happened. Now where, and how many times,

have we heard that before?


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