Archaeology News Headlines July 01 to September 30 2020

The events of July 16th to 22nd 1994, when the remnants of a fragmenting comet, P/Shoemaker-Levy 9, bombarded the surface of Jupiter causing fireballs many times the size of our own planet, were an abrupt wake-up call even for those who were aware of them. The historical sciences generally, and Archaeology in particular, have collectively painted a picture of the past as if our planet stands alone in empty space. Nothing could be further from reality. Our resilient planet exists in a solar system that has experienced a very dynamic history over the past 20 to 30 millennia, and it is only from this wider solar system perspective that the true history of human civilisation will ever be fully understood. The Morien Institute archive therefore contains relevant material from many disciplines.

an image of a meteor flashing through the sky

Image of a revolving globe showing current sea levels since the last ice age, before which many ancient societies like Atlantis flourished all over planet Earth on what are now sunken lands.

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an image of a meteor flashing through the sky


September 2020 News Headlines



“From the seabed, figures of an ancient cult”

Deccan Herald (India)

“Neolithic Severed Skulls And Goat Remains Shed Light On Stone Age Funerary Rituals”

IFL Science (UK)

“‘Zeugma of Black Sea’ 3,500 years older than previously thought”

Daily Sabah (Turkey)

“Government likely to re-constitute panel to study ‘origins of Indian culture’”

The Hindu (India)

“Neandertals have adopted male sex chromosome from modern humans”

PhysOrg (USA)

“Millennia-old gold bowl to go on display in Meshkinshahr”

Tehran Times (Iran)

“Artist in Qatar documents history through coinage”

The Peninsula (Qatar)

“World’s largest DNA sequencing of Viking skeletons reveals they weren’t all Scandinavian”

PhysOrg (USA)

“Archeologists unearth ancient bronze pot containing alcohol from Han dynasty”

Peoples Daily News (China)

“Millennia-old tomb, skeleton and spearhead unearthed in western Iran”

Tehran Times (Iran)

“Archaeology uncovers infectious disease spread 4000 years ago”

Science Daily (USA)

“Shepherd finds Stone Age artifacts in Tunceli, eastern Turkey”

Daily Sabah (Turkey)

“A 48,000 years old tooth that belonged to one of the last Neanderthals in Northern Italy”

EurekAlert (USA)

“Ancient Human Footprints in Saudi Arabia Provide Snapshot of Arabian Ecology 120,000 Years Ago”

Max Planck Institute (Germany)

“UK hands over 3 stolen ancient idols to India”

Hindustan Times (India)

“Oulton burial site: Sutton Hoo-era Anglo-Saxon cemetery discovered”

BBC News (UK)

“New god, goddess figurines found in Kültepe”

Hürriyet Daily News (Turkey)

“Wizard battles and demon circles revealed in newly translated Christian texts”

Live Science (USA)

“Stromatolites, the 3.5-billion-year-old living fossils near Port Lincoln, face a worrying future”

ABC News (Australia)

“Gobekli Tepe: The world’s first astronomical observatory?”

Astronomy Magazine (USA)

“Archeologists race to uncover stone-age crystal hunt in Swiss Alps”

Deutsche Welle (Germany)

“Scientists Claim to Have Solved Mystery of Canaanite Palace Abandoned 3,700 Years Ago”

Sputnik News (Russia)

“New mathematical method shows how climate change led to fall of ancient civilization”

PhysOrg (USA)

“5,000-year-old tomb on Orkney designed to ‘ease passage to afterlife’, research finds”

The Scotsman (Scotland)

“Sudan floods threaten ancient archaeological site, experts say”

Aljazeera (Qatar)

“Archaeologists say earthquake caused sudden disuse of Canaanite wine palace”

The Times of Israel (Israel)

“Palaeoproteomics gives new insight into early southern African pastoralism”

Nature (UK)

“Full set of gilt-bronze accessories unearthed from 5-6th century tombs”

The Korea Times (South Korea)

“The oldest Neanderthal DNA of Central-Eastern Europe”

Max Planck Institute (Germany)

“Deformed skull of ancient human unearthed in Isfahan”

Tehran Times (Israel)

“Researchers Find Unique Ancient Rock Drawing of Extinct Sloth Lemur”

Sci-News (USA)

“‘Mammoth Central’ found at Mexican airport construction site”

The Independent (Ireland)

“Severe Cyclones May Have Played a Role in the Maya Collapse”


“2,400-year-old mask unearthed in ancient city”

Anadolu Agency (Turkey)

“Lactose tolerance spread throughout Europe in only a few thousand years”

JGU (Germany)

“Ancient Aboriginal site Moyjil could rewrite the global story of human migration”

ABC News (Australia)

“Scientists Map Stonehenge’s Soundscape”

Smithsonian Magazine (USA)


an image of a meteor flashing through the sky


August 2020 News Headlines



“7-century-old cistern unearthed in medieval city of Beçin in southwest Turkey”

Daily Sabah (Turkey)

“Vast Stone Monuments Constructed in Arabia 7,000 Years Ago”

Max Planck Institute (Germany)

“Extinct Early Humans Socially Ate Out”

Heritage Daily (UK)

“Archaeological survey sheds new light on ancient societies in southeast Iran”

Tehran Times (Iran)

“Oldest human cremation in the Near East unearthed”

Live Science (USA)

“‘Terror crocodile’ with banana-sized teeth ate dinosaurs”

ABC News (Australia)

“Infrared photos reveal Buddhist images drawn on temple columns”

The Asahi Shimbun (Japan)

“About 30 previously unknown stones discovered at Carahunge (the Armenian Stonehenge)”

Public Radio of Armenia (Armenia)

“Ancient genomes suggest woolly rhinos went extinct due to climate change, not overhunting”

PhysOrg (USA)

“Scientists confirm new dinosaur species discovered on Isle of Wight”

ABC Science News (Australia)

“All in the family: genetic links in prehistoric Ireland”

Currtent Archaeology (UK)

“Stone tools dating back to 8,000 years unearthed in Oman and Yemen”

The Times of Oman (Oman)

“DNA Study Reveals We Have a Mystery Human Ancestor”

Ancient Origins (Australia)

“2,200-year-old inscription discovered in Kamareddy”

Telangana Today (India)

“‘Entirely unexpected’ Roman industrial complex unearthed at Corby’s Priors Hall estate”

Northamptonshire Telegraph (England)

“Britain’s first Viking helmet discovered”

Mirage News (Australia)

“Viking Age Finds Shed New Light on History of Deadly Epidemic”

Sputnik News (Russia)

“Ruins of Ancient Jerusalem Help Unravel Enigmas of Earth’s Magnetic Field”

Ha’aretz (Israel)

“The Lost Town of Trellech”

Heritage Daily (UK)

“‘Woodhenge’ discovered in prehistoric complex of Perdigões”

The Portugal News (Portugal)

“Ruins of ancient temple estimated to be 1000-yr-old found in Agra”

India Today (India)

“Lost Viking waterway found in Orkney”

The Scotsman (Scotland)

“Stratigraphy study reveals vestiges of Iron, Bronze, Copper, and Neolithic ages in northern Iran”

Tehran Times (Iran)

“Archaeologists Have Found the Source of Stonehenge’s Boulders”

Wired (USA)

“Hawass: Archaeological evidence proves builders of the Great Pyramids are the ancient Egyptians”

Egypt Today (Egypt)

“Volcanic Eruptions Responsible for Cooling of Earth Around 13,000 Years Ago”

Heritage Daily (UK)

“Tuyeres found near Malampuzha throw more light on iron-age”

The Hindu (India)

“First North Americans May Have Settled 17,000 Years Earlier Than Thought”

The Great Courses Daily (USA)


an image of a meteor flashing through the sky


July 2020 News Headlines



“Scientists discover 100-million-year-old bacteria under South Pacific seafloor”

ABC Science News (Australia)

“Earth’s Magnetic Field is Changing Surprisingly Quickly”

Universe Today (USA)

“The end of the Cretaceous Period was bad for the dinosaurs, but good for flowering plants”

ABC Science News (Australia)

“Ocher mine in Quintana Roo is at least 10,000 years old”

Mexico Daily News (Mexico)

“Nan Madol – Capital of the Saudeleur Dynasty”

Heritage Daily (UK)

“People were living near Pieštany in the Neolithic age”

The Slovak Spectator (Slovakia)

“‘Astonishing discovery’ of massive prehistoric circle near Stonehenge”

EarthSky (USA)

“Family cemetery of ancient official excavated in China” (China)

“Archaeological survey identifies 205 relics, ancient sites in Kerman”

Tehran Times (Iran)

“Changing diets in Pictish Portmahomack”

Current Archaeology (UK)

“Ruins of ancient fort ‘accidentally’ discovered in Thatta after two decades of research “

Dawn (Pakistan)

“Natural Cave Helps Explain Teotihuacan’s Pyramid of the Moon”

Ancient Origins (Australia)

“It Was Almost Certainly an Asteroid Impact that Wiped Out the Dinosaurs”

Universe Today (USA)

“Paris show relives Pompeii’s final horrifying hours”

The Jakarta Post (Indonesia)

“Australian Scientists Discover Ancient Underwater Aboriginal Sites”

The Epoch Times (China)

“Archaeologists Find Toxic Chemicals in Water Reservoirs of Ancient Maya City of Tikal”

Sci-News (USA)

“Ancient horse remains discovered in central Iran”

The Tehran Times (Iran)

“Archaeologists Suggest Stonehenge’s Huge Blocks Arrived by Land, Debunk Raft Theory”

Sputnik International (Russia)

“Forgotten fossil in US museum drawer turns out to be giant extinct wombat cousin”

ABC Science News (Australia)

“Tintagel – Castle of the Dumnonians”

Heritage Daily (UK)

“The Antikythera Mechanism Research Project”

Cardiff/Athens Universites (Cymru/Greece)

[In October 1900, Captain Dimitrious Kondos was leading a team of sponge divers near the the island of Antikythera off the coast of Greece. They noticed a shipwreck about 180 feet below the surface and began to investigate. Amongst the artifacts that they brought up was a coral-encrusted piece of metal that later archaeologists found was some sort of gear wheel.

The rest of the artifacts, along with the shape of the boat, suggested a date around 2000 years ago, which made the find one of the most anomalous that had ever been recovered from the Greek seas. It became known as The Antikythera Mechanism.

In 2006 the journal “Nature” published a letter, and another paper about the mechanism was published in 2008, detailing the findings of Prof. Mike G. Edmunds of Cardiff University. Using high-resolution X-ray tomography to study the fragments of the anomalous Antikythera Mechanism, they found that it was in fact a bronze mechanical analog computer that could be used to calculate the astronomical positions and various cycles of the Moon – as seen from the Earth: – Ed]

Part of the Antikythera Mechanism

an image of Part of the Antikythera Mechanism, which is also a clickable link directly to the Lichfield Blog story

Antikythera Mechanism Research Project

2000-year-old analog computer recreated

More Antikythera Mechanism Information & Commentary:

“Human Skeleton Found on Famed Antikythera Shipwreck”

Scientific American (USA)

“Scientists decipher purpose of mysterious astronomy tool made by ancient Greeks”

CBC News (Canada)

“Beyond the Antikythera mechanism”

Nature Blogs (UK)

“Archimedes’ legendary sphere brought to life”

Nature News (UK)

“Discovery about the Antikythera Mechanism reveals surprising advances in early Greek science”

University of Puget Sound (USA)

“World’s oldest computer is more ancient than first thought… “

The Daily Mail Online (UK)

“New international mission ready to explore Antikythera shipwreck”

eKathimerini (Greece)

“Return to Antikythera: Divers revisit wreck where ancient computer found”

The Guardian Science Blog (UK)

“In search of lost time”

Nature (UK)

“World’s First Computer Displayed Olympic Calendar”

Wired Gadget Lab (USA)

“Antikythera Mechanism – World’s earliest existing analogue computer”

HotnHit News (India)

“In search of lost time”

Nature (UK)

“Imaging the Antikythera Computer”

Wired Gadget Lab (USA)

“Decoding an Ancient Computer: Greek Technology Tracked the Heavens”

Scientific American (USA)

“2,000 Year Old Computer Yields Her Secrets”

Wired Gadget Lab (USA)

“Watch a video explaining the Antikythera mechanism”

Nature (UK)

“Antikythera mechanism”

Wikipedia (USA)

“World’s First Computer Rebuilt, Rebooted After 2,000 Years”

Wired Gadget Lab (USA)

“Antikythera: A 2,000-year-old Greek computer comes back to life”

The Guardian Science Blog (UK)

Google image search results for The Antikythera mechanism

Google (USA)





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