publications of the “Oxford Conferences on Archaeoastronomy”

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an image of a meteor flashing through the sky

Image of a   revolving globe showing current sea levels since the last   ice age, before which many ancient societies like Atlantis   flourished all over planet Earth on what are now sunken lands.

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Oxford II – Merida, Mexico, January 1986.



ed. by Anthony F. Aveni, 1989.


Oxford III – St. Andrews, Scotland, September 1990.


and Cultures”

ed. Clive Ruggles & Nicholas Saunders, 1993.


in the 1990s”, ed. Clive Ruggles, Group D Publications,

Loughborough, 1993 is available at discount direct from Clive



We cannot trace

any publications arising from the Fourth Oxford Conference.


Oxford V – St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico,


August 3-9, 1996.

The Summer Solstice sun setting over La Palma, Tenerife.

The Fifth Oxford Conference was an international meeting to study

the importance of astronomical phenomena in understanding human cultures.

Described as “An Intersection of Disciplines”

a book of the proceedings has not so far appeared.


you can sample the

‘Revised Programme Abstracts’ which are listed

alphabetically by author.

Over sixty authors

have submitted manuscripts for publication in a book to be published

by Carolina Academic Press. For further details please

Click Here


Oxford IV – La Laguna, Tenerife, Canary Islands,

June 21st. to 29th. 1999.

Image/link Logo of the Sixth Oxford Conference


Oxford VI International Conference on Archaeoastronomy and Astronomy

in Culture also hosted the S.E.A.C. 1999 Annual Meeting. The topic

for this June 1999 conference was “Astronomy

& Cultural Diversity”.

The Conference

was jointly sponsored by the

Instituto de Astrof?sica de Canarias.,


Museo de

la Ciencia y el Cosmos del O.A.M. y C. del Cabildo de Tenerife.


the Universidad

de La Laguna.


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