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The long-running

controversy over whether civilisation developed independently in various

locations around the world, or whether it developed in one place and spread

throughout the world from there, is getting increasingly heated. As amateur

and professional arch?ologists alike discover artifacts, monuments, and

odd structures both on land and under the sea which do not fit in with

the current model of prehistory as taught in our schools and universities,

the apologists for the ‘standard paradigm’ of prehistory

are becoming ever more hysterically defensive, it seems.

Whilst on

the other end of the spectrum, increasingly gullible millions are lapping

up the nonsense of those who seem to feel that everyone in authority in

Egypt is deliberately ‘spoiling their fun’

by ‘preventing THEM’

from revealing the truth that the Giza monuments hold the secrets of a

‘Lost Civilisation’ in prehistoric

times. In particular the Director of the Giza Pyramids, Zahi Hawass, has

come in for some pretty harsh criticism from the ever-growing exponents

of the

“Giza Conspiracy” theory, and he has

recently commented on the problems caused by some of the so-called

‘New-Age Egyptologists’. The

belief amongst these ‘researchers’

is that the Great Pyramid of Khufu, and the Great

Sphinx, hold the secrets of Atlantis.

Dirty tricks

abound, and in apparent unholy alliance with certain elements in the world’s

media, this could not have been more evident than in the 1999 two-part

BBC “Horizon” programme purporting

to give the advocates of Atlantis, and the existence of a lost civilisation,

a fair and honest hearing.

Entitled “Atlantis Uncovered”, Part I, broadcast in Wales, Scotland, England

and the North of Ireland, on Thursday, November 28th 1999, began quite

sensibly by outlining the existence of pyramid structures on both sides

of the Atlantic ocean, in Egypt and Mesoamerica. Unfortunately, it then

went on to detail the work of various arch?ologists and prehistorians

in a manner that had been selectively edited to destroy the credibility

of almost everyone who has investigated the many arch?ological anomalies

that exist all over the world.

To the amazement and disgust of many of the viewers – some well informed arch?ologically,

others innocently curious about the mysteries of the past – the programme

deteriorated into a dangerous farce that, despite Feder disclaiming as

much, still left many viewers with the impression that even those simply

‘interested’ in the many myths

and legends about Atlantis were on a ‘slippery

slope’ leading to neo-nazi fascism, genocide and holocaust.

The following comments are quoted verbatim from the programme, and will give a good

idea of the apparent ‘hidden agenda’

that the BBC production team seems to have kept from many of those they

interviewed for the programme. The narrator was Dilly Barlow, who, after

asking the opinions of a number of arch?ologists about Atlantis, and receiving

responses such as “preposterous”,

“misleading”, “insideous”,

“garbage”, “and

you could summarise it by saying codswallop”, attempted

her own summing-up.


“But in spite of all the evidence the lure

of a lost civilisation is more powerful than ever.”

It then cut to

a computer-enhanced scene of people apparently ‘floating’

up the sides of a Mesoamerican pyramid.


“Every year crowds flock to ancient sites

in search of lost wisdom. Science continues to be ignored by a public

yearning for the romance of a more mysterious past. Should this be dismissed

as harmless fantasy? History has shown that fantasies about the past can

lead to disaster.”

It then

cut to arch?ologist, Prof. Colin Renfrew, who was sat in front of an impressive

building, presumably at Cambridge University, and apparently staged to

add credibility to the mischief the BBC “Horizon”

team then either allowed, or encouraged, him to pour upon those whose

views on prehistory differ from his own:


“It is dangerous when people have myths about

their own past which have no foundation in reality. We’ve seen myths of

that kind in our own time have tragic consequences. The National Socialists

in Germany – the Nazis – had the notion of Aryan supremacy, and the Holocaust

was built on pernicious myths of that kind.”

On it’s own not

a truer word about the Nazis could ever have been spoken. But in the context

of the vested interests arch?ologists like Colin Renfrew have in perpetuating

the incomplete picture of prehistory we are still being fed in our schools and

colleges, his comments took on a pernicious slant of their own. Outrageously,

the next scene cut to original colour archive footage of goose-stepping Nazis

singing and marching with Swastika banners.


“The Nazi idea of an Aryan elite is well

documented. What is less well known is that prominent Nazis believed that

the ‘master race’ originated in Atlantis. One of the most passionate believers

was Heinrich Himmler, head of the SS. Himmler directed German scientists

to seek the descendants of the Aryan super-race in places from the Andes

to Tibet.”

From here

it cut to monochrome archive footage of a blond-haired man measuring the

head of a Tibetan woman.


“They scrutinised the physical features of

the natives in search of any shred of evidence to support Himmler’s notion

that his Aryan ancestors – the Atlanteans – had lived there. These claims

to an ancestral heritage in Atlantis fed the Nazi’s belief in the supremacy

of an Aryan master-race.”

The programme

then cut to arch?ologist, Dr. Ken Feder, of the Central Connecticut State University,

for an appropriate comment to end the programme with.


“When we come to something like the lost

continent of Atlantis we are better off knowing that civilisations developed

more or less independently – just so nobody can say ‘some people are better

than others, some are smarter than others’. Because we know what happens

down the line when we believe that. So I’m not going to tell you that

belief in Atlantis is necessarily the first step to genocide or holocaust.

But what I’m telling you is we’re on a very slippery slope if we believe

in fantasies, and that those fantasies lead us down to places we really

don’t want to go.”

As the credits

rolled up the screen from the bottom, a male narrator voiced-over:

“Next week, in the second of this two-part ‘special’,

Horizon examines the controversial theory of best-selling author, Graham

Hancock, which is challenging mainstream archaeology.”


The full transcript of Part One of the two-part ‘special’

is available on the Horizon website, and

Graham Hancock’s comments about Part One are available on

his website which you can access directly by clicking on the banner

above. It might be a good idea for visitors to look at these links before

moving on to look at Part 2 …

Horizon Debacle – Part Two





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