We Need A New Web Editor who is ideally based in the Merseyside, Isle of Man, Cumbria or the general North West England Area, but would also consider someone living in the South or South-West areas of Wales or the Plymouth/Cornwall area

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“Writers of good antiquity and able judgement have been persuaded that even the School of Pythagoras and the Persian wisdom took their beginning from the old Philosophy of Britain.”



Morien Institute was founded in early 1996 by John Michael, and officially came into being with the first sunrise following Alban Arthan – the Winter Solstice – that year. It is a non-profit research and education network run by people with a range of disabilities who organise research activities for those wanting to explore their limited range of abilities.

It developed as a natural progression of the growing interest over the past 50 years or more in the many mysteries of the ancient world in general, and John’s lifelong and continuing appreciation of the highly sophisticated natural science practiced and taught by the ancient Druids of Britain in particular.

After many years of studying the works of Owen “Morien” Morgan, and later considering his ideas and theories with the help of the ever-growing information base that is the Internet, John founded the Morien Institute in 1996 in order to continue researching the astro-mythological themes that “Morien” had studied in the late 1800s, and to encourage others with disabilities to join our expeditions and research projects. It is run solely by volunteers.

Under John’s guidance Morien Institute research has focussed on ancient astronomy and its expression in the astro-arch?¦ology of ancient megalithic structures. These structures take many forms and are widely distributed around the world. The initial and continuing intention is to publish the results of our own research alongside the news of new discoveries about the archaic world being made around the globe on the Morien Institute website.

In the mid-1970s John began comparing similar themes regarding the “natural solar year” that he found in the oral traditions of various ancient peoples in many parts of the world with the oral traditions of ancient Britain that Morien, fearing they would become lost in obscurity, had rescued from the encroaching industrialisation of South Wales and the world in general. His personal research in this area continues despite the hurdles that life has placed in his way.

Since 1996 John has been our main Web Editor, though various other people have frequently contributed to this demanding task. He has also been our Research Director and co-ordinator of all our accessible research expeditions which John developed to demonstrate that disability need not be a barrier to scientific research.

Over that time, however, John’s spinal conditions have deteriorated, and he desperately needs to rest and hand this work over to another volunteer. He hopes to continue co-ordinating all the accessible research activities, expeditions as well as our regular star parties, and to edit contributions published on the Morien Institute website.

He also hopes to continue his own research into the natural science of the ancient world as expressed in its many and varied megalithic remains, and the enigmatic geoglyphs that ancient peoples drew in their sacred landscapes.

The new Web Editor will ideally have an active interest in ancient astronomy and astro-arch?¦ology as well as the many new discovereies being made by marine arch?¦ologists around the world.

It is essential that he or she is able to update the website using HTML, though this simple computer language can easily be taught to anyone with a genuine interest in our areas of research.

That person doesn’t have to be disabled or struggling with a long-term condition, though it is essential that they are willing to work at the often reduced pace of others less able than themselves on all of our projects and activities.

If you are interested in becoming our new Web Editor please send an email to John at

feedback @ morien-institute.org

putting the words “New Web Editor” in the Subject Field of the email.

It would a great help if you are either already familiar with the material on the Morien Institute website
or have spent some time reading through our various archives before considering applying


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