The Morien Institute - Interview with Dr Paul Weinzweig of Advanced Digital Communications (ADC) about the underwater structures discovered off the coast of Cuba


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Morien Institute interview with
- Dr Paul Weinzweig -

Advanced Digital Communications
Havana, Cuba


A March 30 2002 report by Reuters told that Cuban geologist, Dr Manuel Iturralde, who presented a paper at a
geophysical conference in Havana, Cuba, said that examinations of rock samples due to be collected in a few
months should shed further light on the 'peculiar structures' discovered by (ADC), the Canadian company
based in Havana, Cuba, which discovered the megalithic formations in the Yucatan Channel in July 2000

"These are extremely peculiar structures ... They have captured all our imaginations
... If I had to explain this geologically, I would have a hard time ..."


a crew member taking samples whilst fixing the ROV on the deck of the 'Ulises' research vessel

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copyright october 2001 ADC
- Havana, Cuba



Ocean Engineer, Paulina Zeltisky, and other ADC crew members, examining some of the samples gathered by the ROV during one of it's expeditions in July 2001. The research ship 'Ulises' is equipped with sophisticated
computers to help the ROV operators direct it to the most likely places to video the ruins ...

"To drill samples from these structures is not easy because they look like granite.
And to drill granite at a depth of 600 metres is very difficult ... "

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copyright october 2001 ADC
- Havana, Cuba

"We are discovering the influence of currents on global climate, volcanoes, the history of formation of Caribbean islands, numerous historic wrecks and even possibly a sunken city built in the pre-classic
period and populated by an advanced civilization similar to the early Teotihuacan culture of Yucatan."

Paulina Zelitsky, Whitley Streiber's Unknown Country", May 19 2001


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