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Image of a revolving globe showing current sea levels since the last ice age, before which many ancient societies like Atlantis   flourished all over planet Earth on what are now sunken lands.

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Morien Institute is a non-profit research

& education organisation. It was founded in 1996 by John Michael,

who, over the past thirty years, has been researching the many arch?ological

anomalies that exist in many parts of the world and for which orthodox

explanations are sadly lacking. It is financed solely by voluntary contributions

from ourselves and our supporters worldwide.


our researches have focussed on astro-arch?ology and astro-mythology,

it is our “Lost Heritage” Project

that has defined our main activities. There are many ancient structures

that go unnoticed in the remote areas of the developed nations around

the world, and Wales is no different. Morien

Institute researchers regularly scour the back country lanes

and remote corners of Wales recording the long-forgotten structures that

arch?ologists have passed by – our purpose is to ensure that the ancient

structures we encounter are recognised as such before much more of our

“Lost Heritage” is inadvertently



have also maintained our long-term interest in underwater discoveries

such as the enigmatic structure found underwater off the coast of the

Japanese island of Yonaguni some 15

years ago. Within the last few years new underwater structures have been

discovered on the continental shelves of India,

and something out of the ordinary has been discovered 2,200 feet down

off the coast of Cuba.


that time, we have compiled a huge archive of data which collectively

offers a body of ‘ancient knowledge’

that challenges orthodox views of prehistory on every continent. It has

only been possible to put a small amount of information from this archive

onto our webpages so far, though as a service for visitors to our website,

we frequently pass on articles, research papers, and associated web and

contact addresses to the many enquirers that email the Morien

Institute looking for further information.

Throughout prehistory peoples all over our planet have been facinated

by the ever-changing patterns of stars and planets in the sky, and skywatching

has played a central role in the religious and scientific beliefs of all

the cultures of antiquity. The Morien Institute

archive and activities therefore reflect this.


our goal is to make all the data in our archive ‘freely

available online’ by the end of 2004, and we have already started

compiling our

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