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“Arch?ologists Rewrite Timeline Of Bronze And Iron Ages”

On December

27th, 2001, Science

Daily Magazine ran a story with the above headline. It told of

artifacts found in the Midas Mound Tumulus at Gordion, the capital of

ancient Phrygia, a site located to the west of Ankara in Turkey. It also

revealed that the various scientists behind the headline story had used

information gleaned from a study of the Sun, solar cycles, and the tree-ring

records, to redate the Bronze and Iron Ages in the Aegean, and the near


“Among the artifacts found in the Midas Mound Tumulus … is a

shallow bronze bowl with a patch of beeswax on the rim carrying an alphabetical

inscription. The inscription is a precuror to — or contemporary with

— the earliest attested occurances of the Greek alphabet. In addition

to letter forms known from ancient Greek, there is a vertical arrow, known

also from Etruscan inscriptions.”

The recent

news from the Caribbean, that ‘symbols’

and ‘hieroglyphs’ have been

discovered on structures that are now an unbelievable 2,200 feet below

sea-level, and that they are ‘Greek-like’,

but ‘not Greek’, has seen researchers

dig deep into books about ancient inscriptions, where some feel the ‘symbols’

are similar to Etruscan. They were referring to a symbol described as

‘crossed ovals’ and ‘the

American Cross’ amongst others, and this symbol has also

been found in caves on Cuba itself, especially on the mysterious Cuban

Island of Youth.

If they prove

to be Etruscan in origin, then previously accepted histories, and time-frames,

will have to be rewritten yet again, as seems to be the case each time

a new discovery is made somewhere in the world that challenges the standard

paradigms of prehistory developed by the western, Christian, world.

With the

rapid development of new technologies to aid exploration, and the current

climate in favour of inter-disciplinary approaches to the investigation

of prehistory, all manner of arch?ological

anomalies are beginning to surface all over the world. During

the next few years we expect many more ‘paradigm-shattering

discoveries’ to be made both underground, and especially

underwater on the coastal shelves of every continent. Many islands will

be shown to be just the remnants of the ‘high

ground’ and ‘mountain-tops’

of landmasses that were once above sea-level before the series of abrupt

endings of the last Ice Age between 17,000 and 11,600 years ago – and

from way back beyond that again …


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