for a wide selection of books that challenge orthodox views of prehistory on every continent

Ancient Mysteries Bookshoppe - for a wide selection of books that challenge orthodox views of prehistory on every continent

for a wide selection of books that challenge orthodox views of prehistory on every continent

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New books November 2003

“A Culture of Conspiracy”
Apocalyptic Visions in Contemporary America

by Michael Barkun

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“What do UFO believers, Christian millennialists, and right-wing conspiracy theorists have in common? According to Michael Barkun in this fascinating yet disturbing book, quite a lot. It is well known that some Americans are obsessed with conspiracies. The Kennedy assassination, the Oklahoma City bombing, and the 2001 terrorist attacks have all generated elaborate stories of hidden plots. What is far less known is the extent to which conspiracist worldviews have recently become linked in strange and unpredictable ways with other “fringe” notions such as a belief in UFOs, Nostradamus, and the Illuminati. Unraveling the extraordinary genealogies and permutations of these increasingly widespread ideas, Barkun shows how this web of urban legends has spread among subcultures on the Internet and through mass media, how a new style of conspiracy thinking has recently arisen, and how this phenomenon relates to larger changes in American culture. This book, written by a leading expert on the subject, is the most comprehensive and authoritative examination of contemporary American conspiracism to date.

Barkun discusses a range of material–involving inner-earth caves, government black helicopters, alien abductions, secret New World Order cabals, and much more–that few realize exists in our culture. Looking closely at the manifestions of these ideas in a wide range of literature and source material from religious and political literature, to New Age and UFO publications, to popular culture phenomena such as The X-Files, and to websites, radio programs, and more, Barkun finds that America is in the throes of an unrivaled period of millennarian activity. His book underscores the importance of understanding why this phenomenon is now spreading into more mainstream segments of American culture.

UK Edition


“Laundry … The Way Granny Did It”
An Emergency Preparedness Handbook

by Kylie Jordan

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“Clean clothes and other fabrics are important for health, comfort, and economy. With the aid of automatic washers and dryers, Americans do 200 billion pounds of laundry every year. During an emergency
(e.g., natural disaster, terrorism, or economic depression), electricity to operate appliances or the appliances themselves me be unavailable.

Therefore, alternative methods of laundering may be necessary. The information in this book will allow individuals to make the best use of the means available to wash fabrics. Whatever the emergency, wise preparation will allow you to cope.”
(The book will also be a great benefit to people who live in rural areas with no electricity)

“This book presents a down home look at how to do laundry in an emergency situation. The author provides a comprehensive, yet simple hands-on framework to the washday task.”

Mary M. Warnock, PhD
School of Environmental Sciences
University of Arkansas

“Everything you need to know about successful hand laundry is in these pages. A complete discussion of soaps, detergents and other laundry aids, plus an overview of helpful laundry techniques and equipment can be found in this excellent study.”

Helen Westrum, Ed.D.
Professor Emertis
Department of Home Economics
Eastern Washington University

US Edition Only
but available


New books October 2003

“Discovery of Atlantis: Startling New Evidence and the Case for Cyprus”

by Robert Sarmast

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“Plato provided 53 physical clues in his famous dialogue Critias–the original account of the story of Atlantis that is the sole basis of all Atlantis research. Discovery of Atlantis proves that the island of Cyprus and the underwater landscape just south of Cyprus is a perfect match with 51 of these clues. Exclusive 3D bathymetric maps based on new scientific data show for the first time a stretch of sunken land off of Cyprus. The general layout of the landscape of Atlantis as described by Plato is easily discernible on this underwater landmass, as well as the precise location of its capital–Atlantis City.

This robust empirical data is joined with other original findings based on mythological analysis and historical research, making the case for Cyprus increasingly obvious. With this compelling new interpretation of Plato, author Robert Sarmast brings the legendary island of Atlantis alive for the first time.

With the location so clearly mapped in this book, the next step in this exciting research is an expedition to the region. Humankind may soon witness the filming of the colossal ruins of this once-mighty empire and proceed to resurrect Atlantis from its watery tomb!”

UK Edition


New books September 2003

“The Golden Ratio: The Story of Phi, the World’s Most Astonishing Number”

by Mario Livio

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“Throughout history, thinkers from mathematicians to theologians have pondered the mysterious relationship between numbers and the nature of reality. In this fascinating book, Mario Livio tells the tale of a number at the heart of that mystery: phi, or 1.6180339887…This curious mathematical relationship, widely known as “The Golden Ratio,” was discovered by Euclid more than two thousand years ago because of its crucial role in the construction of the pentagram, to which magical properties had been attributed. Since then it has shown a propensity to appear in the most astonishing variety of places, from mollusk shells, sunflower florets, and rose petals to the shape of the galaxy. Psychological studies have investigated whether the Golden Ratio is the most aesthetically pleasing proportion extant, and it has been asserted that the creators of the Pyramids and the Parthenon employed it.

The Golden Ratio is a captivating journey through art and architecture, botany and biology, physics and mathematics. It tells the human story of numerous phi-fixated individuals, including the followers of Pythagoras who believed that this proportion revealed the hand of God; astronomer Johannes Kepler, who saw phi as the greatest treasure of geometry; such Renaissance thinkers as mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci of Pisa; and such masters of the modern world as Goethe, Cezanne, Bartok, and physicist Roger Penrose. Wherever his quest for the meaning of phi takes him, Mario Livio reveals the world as a place where order, beauty, and eternal mystery will always coexist.”

UK Edition


New books May 2003

“Hidden Meanings: A Study of the Founding Symbols of Civilisation”

by Laird Scranton

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“The mythology of the Dogon tribe of Mali describes how their one true god Amma created all of the matter of the universe. But the system defined by these tribal myths bears a striking resemblance to the actual scientific structure of matter, starting with the atom and continuing all the way down to the vibrating threads of string theory. Moreover, many of the Dogon words, symbols and rituals used to describe this structure are a close match for those found in the myths of ancient Egypt and in the daily rituals of Judaism.

Hidden Meanings presents a side-by-side comparison of Dogon descriptions and drawings with matching scientific diagrams and definitions from authors such as Stephen Hawking and Brian Greene, then traces these symbols to their ancient Egyptian and Judaic counterparts. What is ultimately revealed is a scientific basis for the Egyptian hieroglyphic language – perhaps deliberately encoded more than 5000 years ago, and hidden from all but the most knowledgeable Egyptian priests. Along the way, it presents compelling new explanations for many of the most familiar Egyptian symbols, such as the Pyramid, the Benben stone, and the Scarab, along with new derivations for words used in Judaism and Christianity, such as Adonai, Yahweh/Jehovah, and even the origin of the name Satan.”

UK Edition


New books March 2003

“The Da Vinci Code”

by Dan Brown

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“With The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown masterfully concocts an intelligent and lucid thriller that marries the gusto of an international murder mystery with a collection of fascinating esoteria culled from 2,000 years of Western history.

A murder in the silent after-hour halls of the Louvre museum reveals a sinister plot to uncover a secret that has been protected by a clandestine society since the days of Christ. The victim is a high-ranking agent of this ancient society who, in the moments before his death, manages to leave gruesome clues at the scene that only his granddaughter, noted cryptographer Sophie Neveu, and Robert Langdon, a famed symbologist, can untangle. The duo become both suspects and detectives searching for not only Neveu’s father’s murderer but also the stunning secret of the ages he was charged to protect. Mere steps ahead of the authorities and the deadly competition, the mystery leads Neveu and Langdon on a breathless flight through France, England, and history itself. Brown (Angels and Demons) has created a page-turning thriller that also provides an amazing interpretation of Western history. Brown’s hero and heroine embark on a lofty and intriguing exploration of some of Western culture’s greatest mysteries–from the nature of the Mona Lisa’s smile to the secret of the Holy Grail. Though some will quibble with the veracity of Brown’s conjectures, therein lies the fun. The Da Vinci Code is an enthralling read that provides rich food for thought.”

UK Edition


New books January 2003

“Voyages of the Pyramid Builders: The True Origins of the Pyramids
from Lost Egypt to Ancient America”

by Dr. Robert M. Schoch & Robert Aquinas McNally

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“Is it a mere coincidence that pyramids are found across our globe? Did cultures ranging across vast spaces in geography and time, such as the ancient Egyptians; early Buddhists; the Maya, Inca, Toltec, and Aztec civilizations of the Americas; the Celts of the British Isles; and even the Mississippi Indians of pre-Columbian Illinois, simply dream the same dreams and envision the same structures?

Scientist and tenured university professor Robert M. Schoch-one of the world’s preeminent geologists in recasting the date of the Great Sphinx-believes otherwise. In this dramatic and meticulously reasoned book, Schoch, like anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl in his classic Kon-Tiki, argues that ancient cultures traveled great distances by sea. Indeed, he believes that primeval sailors traveled from the Eastern continent, primarily Southeast Asia, and spread the idea of pyramids across the Earth, involving the human species in a far greater degree of contact and exchange than experts have previously thought possible.

“Voyages of the Pyramid Builders” features sixteen pages of color photos and a special appendix, “Redating the Great Sphinx of Giza,” in which Schoch provides his most up-to-date evidence of the Sphinx’s older origins”

UK Edition


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