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“Mexico’s Great Pyramids”

“It is a two thousand-year-old urban wonder. The vast city of Teotihuacan covered eight square miles, and at its zenith, was the seventh-largest city in the ancient world. But the Teotihuacanos never developed a writing system, and left behind no sculptures to hint at their culture and beliefs. In their sacred caves and enigmatic murals, archaeologists are searching for clues to the society that built this stunning city. Who were their kings and priests? Why did they build the Pyramids? Did they, like their Maya neighbors, practice human sacrifice?

‘MEXICO’S GREAT PYRAMIDS’ is an in-depth look at the mysterious, 2,000 year city. From the Aztecs, who claimed it as their own, to the teams of archaeologists who are only now starting to excavate, unravel the strange history of this massive city. Walk the Avenue of the Dead and climb the ancient walls of the Temple of the Feathered Serpent in a tour of the incredible ruins, and see the latest finds that are helping unravel the mysteries of the Teotihuacanos.”

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“Pyramids of Giza”

“They are the most famous monuments on earth, massive reminders
of a long-vanished culture and of the mystery and wonder of the
life beyond.

With their incredible size, perfect construction and enduring riddles,
the famous pyramids of Giza have enthralled humanity for thousands
of years. Travel back in time to join the pharaohs on their final
journey. Explore the mysteries of the pyramids’ construction, and
discover how every detail was designed to ensure that the sacred
cargo within would be safely delivered to the afterlife. Relive
the incredible ritual that surrounded the passing of a king, and
join the soul of the pharaoh on his journey into the unknown.

From the shifting sands of history to the latest discoveries, this
is an evocative look at the massive monuments built as the tombs
of the gods.”

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“Japan’s Mysterious Pyramids”

“Do undersea relics near Okinawa offer proof of a sophisticated
civilization during the last ice age? Archeologists have long believed
that civilization as we define it — intelligent, tool-making, monument
building, social humans — began about 5,000 years ago. But submerged
beneath the waves near the Japanese island of Yonaguni is evidence
that may well overturn that long-held theory.

A small but persuasive number of scholars and scientists have long
thought that “advanced” societies may have existed as long as 10,000
years ago. Their theories, however well reasoned and defended, have
been hamstrung by a lack of evidence. But recent discoveries of
man-made artifacts on the Pacific seafloor may well prove to be
the smoking gun that will propel this alternative view of civilization
to prominence.
travels to the site and plunges beneath the waves to examine the
discovery, and talks to the investigators who are trying to unearth
the secrets it holds.

The answers remain unknown, but the questions themselves may forever
change some of the most basic assumptions about our past.”

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“America’s Stonehenge”

“The site is a “gigantic confusion” of walls, caves and
tunnels running across 30 acres of hillside in Salem, New Hampshire,
assembled from stones that weigh up to eleven tons. It is called
Mystery Hill, but it is better known as AMERICA’S STONEHENGE.

MysteriesTM explores the site and analyzes the latest findings with
the archeologists and other scholars who are trying to unlock its
many secrets. Since it was first found, many conflicting ideas have
been put forth about its origins, and we’ll hear from proponents
of several leading theories. But the essential question remains
unanswered: what North American culture, 4,000 years before the
birth of Christ, was sophisticated enough to build AMERICA’S STONEHENGE?”


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“The Holy Grail”

“It is one of the holiest relics of Christianity the cup from
which Jesus drank at the Last Supper, and in which Joseph of Arimathea
collected the blood of the savior as he was crucified.

from the Holy Land to the museums of Europe in search of THE HOLY
GRAIL. Ancient legends say the relic was transported to Britain
and passed down among the descendants of Joseph, but could the Grail
remain hidden somewhere in England? Experts explore the tangled
web of stories surrounding the Grail in search of clues to its existence
and purported powers. Is it possible that the Grail is a pathway
to a higher power, or that the descendants of Jesus walk among us
today, protected by the Grail’s power?.

the incredible history and extraordinary tales of power and superstition,
magic and mystery that surround one of Christianity’s most sought-after

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“Secret Passages: Episode 4”

is a fascinating exploration of hidden and mysterious places, from
the burial chambers of the ancients to military command and control
centers dug deep below living mountains. Each episode plumbs the
past to see why and how these hidden rooms and routes were built,
and what they can tell us about the societies that produced them.
Traveling the world in the company of esteemed historians, scholars
and the adventurers who have traversed their paths,
shines the light of inquiry into areas that
were designed to go forever undiscovered.

From the tombs of the ancient Egyptians and Mayan crypts to the
subterranean Roman cemeteries where early Christians found refuge
from persecution,
takes a dark and gripping journey into the rooms
dedicated to the afterlife, rooms which nevertheless speak volumes
about the lives and beliefs of the people who made them. It is a
realm where buried treasures offer clues to the glories of vanished
civilizations, and preserved bodies speak across the ages of the
way death was regarded in times past.”

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“Ancient Mysteries — Six video special offer — Save $20!”

explores the stories and legends that have confounded and captivated
us for centuries. Now fans of the successful series can save $20
on this collection of six, beautifully packaged videos exploring
favorite topics:

Ark of the Covenant’
— From the pages of the Old Testament
to the latest investigations, here is the complete story of the
legendary artifact.

Hidden City of Petra’
— In an ancient city literally
carved into the mountains we search for clues to the long-vanished
people who made it.

of the Dead Sea Scrolls’
— Explore the intrigue and controversy
that has shrouded the Dead Sea Scrolls since their discovery.

Odyssey of Troy’
— More than 3,000 years after its fabled
fall, the city of Helen, Achilles and Priam preserves countless
secrets, even as archaeologists dig ever deeper.

Great Pyramid’
— Venture inside some of earth’s most
famous and fascinating structures in search of answers to their
timeless mysteries. Narrated by Leonard Nimoy.

— Tour the world-famous site where a day in the life of the Roman
Empire has been preserved for all time.”

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“Enduring Mystery of Stonehenge”

“Dr. Aubrey Burl, a world famous archeologist and expert on Stonehenge,
helps explain the many mysteries of this enigmatic, ancient edifice.”

this product is unavailable for shipment outside the U.S. and Canada

“The Great Pyramid”

“Unlock the secrets of the most mysterious structures on earth…

Towering, majestic and timeless, the great pyramids of Egypt have
fascinated explorers and engineers for thousands of years. But despite
centuries of research and study, the mighty pyramids have yielded
few of their tantalizing secrets. How did ancient architects and
laborers design and build these magnificent monuments, which are
among man’s most impressive accomplishments? Were these grand structures
constructed to transport royalty to the afterworld-or as altars
of bloody human sacrifice? And what explains similar pyramids found
thousands of miles away, in Central America and Asia?

Search for answers on this unforgettable journey inside the greatest
wonders of antiquity. Narrated by Leonard Nimoy.”

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“Ancient Mysteries: Myths & Legends DVD set — Special Offer”

‘A&E’s’ award-winning
travels the world to explore and illuminate the enigmas that continue
to defy science and spark our imagination. This new collection,
available together and on DVD for the first time, focuses on the
myths and legends that are constant sources of inspiration for fantasy
literature and movies, exposing what is known, what is imagined
and what is pure speculation and myth. The four episodes
two DVDs)
included in this set are:

— Examine the legends of King Arthur and visit the alleged site
of his storied court.

Quest for the Holy Grail’
— The search for one of Christianity’s
holiest relics has spanned millennia, but is it even possible that
it still exists?

The Lost Civilization’
— From the pages of Plato to modern
theories surrounding the sunken island, here is the complete chronicle
of this persistent myth.

— They are the ultimate mythical beast — fire-breathing, armor-plated,
fearsomely armed and cunning. But can there be any real-life basis
for the stories and sightings?”

DVD Features: Interactive Menus; Scene Selection

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“The Mysteries of King Tut”

“The Ancient Egyptians went to incredible lengths to protect
the spirits of their dead kings, hiding their graves in vast deserts
and guarding their tombs with traps and deception. Yet only one
tomb– that of the boy-king Tutankhamun–went undiscovered by ancient
grave robbers. In 1922, archaeologist Howard Carter unsealed Tut’s
grave, revealing a treasure that defied description. But did he
uncover something else as well?

examines the extraordinary events
that have led many to believe an ancient curse protects the spirit
of the boy king. It is a tale of death and destruction, magic and
mystery. Examine the tragedies that befell Carter and his colleague,
Lord Carnarvon V, after they revealed their findings to the world.
Dr. Nick Reeves, author of The Complete Tutankhamun, details the
many inexplicable events attributed to the curse.

a remarkable interview, Carnarvon’s grandson tells of his grandfather’s
final days, while Dr. Charles Mins offers a much different interpretation
of the events that befell the men who discovered Tut’s tomb.

a riveting look at a captivating legend that will not die.”

product is unavailable for shipment outside the U.S. and Canada

“Egypt Beyond The Pyramids DVD set”

“Over 5,000 years ago, an empire arose on the banks of the Nile.
Today, many of its secrets remain sheltered beneath the desert sands.

by the archeologists who are uncovering long-lost temples, tombs
and treasures,
examines recent discoveries that have altered our understanding
of the Kingdom of the Nile. Kent Weeks reveals how he solved an
ancient mystery while excavating KV5, the massive tomb built by
Ramses the Second for his family. A visit to the Valley of the Golden
Mummies sheds new light on Egyptian funerary and burial practices.
And Donald Redford explains what the skeletons of Mendes tell us
about the lives of ordinary Egyptians.

exclusive footage of major sites and artifacts, including the Abydos
Boat Graves and the Deir El Bahari temple,
is an up-to-the-minute look at
the findings that are rewriting history.”

bonus features include expedition photos, scene selection and more

product is unavailable for shipment outside the U.S. and Canada

“Ancient Inventions”

“The Nazca lines in Peru stretch for miles, forming perfect images
of animals visible only from the air. Immense and precise, the pyramids
remain among mankind’s greatest accomplishments, and experts still
debate how they were built.

the globe in this riveting look at the most incredible accomplishments
of the ancient world achievements that rival and even surpass those
of today. From the secret formula of Damascus steel which helped
drive the Crusaders from the Holy Land to the “computer” from Ancient
Greece, probe the origins of these incredible inventions. Take to
the skies in a balloon made from a design 1,000 years old, and join
scientists, engineers and historians as they probe the mysteries
of ancient devices that cannot be replicated today! And examine
the extraordinary innovations of Leonardo Da Vinci, whose drawings
included designs for a tank, machine, gun, helicopter and parachute!”

product is unavailable for shipment outside the U.S. and Canada

visit our archaeological anomalies
page …

“Mummies & the Wonders of Ancient Egypt DVD set — Special Offer”

“Journey back to the rich and fantastic world of Ancient Egypt–a
world where animals could magically jump out of a hieroglyph and
change the meaning of your writing. Where giant pyramids were a
gateway to the afterlife. Where a king’s ransom could buy an elaborate
70-day process that would guarantee the eternal preservation of
your corpse.

the world’s greatest Egyptologists and the latest computer technology
for this extraordinary program which brings the fabled world of
the Egyptians back to life. We’ll unlock the secrets of the pyramids
and the sphinx, decipher long-secret hieroglyphs and explore the
glittering sepulcher of the legendary Tutankhamun.

Langella narrates this extraordinary investigation into
, which includes these
four episodes
(on two DVDs):

Great Pyramids’




Features: Interactive Menus: Scene Selection

product is unavailable for shipment outside the U.S. and Canada

“Enigma of the Dead Sea Scrolls”

“In 1947, a shepherd boy shattered a window to the past when
he stumbled upon the greatest archaeological discovery of the 20th
century. The Dead Sea Scrolls proved to be the oldest known Biblical
manuscripts in existence, offering remarkable insight into the birth
of Christianity. Yet, since the find, scholars have kept the exact
contents of these crucial documents a closely guarded secret. Why?
What mysteries do they hold?

retraces their controversial
path, revealing what each expert who has studied the ancient documents
has discovered, and illuminating the conflicting and puzzling stories
they tell. This extraordinary adventure shatters the conspiracy
that has gripped the scientific world for more than 45 years.”

product is unavailable for shipment outside the U.S. and Canada

“Secrets of an Ancient Culture”

“Deep in Africa, the Masai people still live according to the
traditions that have governed their people for eons. In the face
of new technology, the encroachment of civilization and many other
destabilizing forces, their adherence to ancient traditions is a
remarkable example of resilience and determination.

is an intimate portrait at the
Masai today. In search of a sacred Masai artifact, antiques dealer
Gillies Turle journeys on foot through Tanzania and Kenya, visiting
the Ngorongoro Crater and the Valley of the Laibons. In these exotic
surroundings, she bridges the gap between the culture of the Masai
and the Western World, bringing a deep appreciation and respect
for their ways to her search for this invaluable artifact.

this quest, a world that is likely to disappear forever unfolds,
revealing its secrets, rhythms and wonders.”

product is unavailable for shipment outside the U.S. and Canada

“Treasure! Tomb of the Terra Cotta Warriors”

“In 1974, a Chinese peasant digging a well in the shadow of Mount
Li found his progress blocked by a strange obstacle. More digging
showed he had struck an ancient statue. Much, much more excavation
revealed that the statue was one of 8,000 terra-cotta warriors,
the life sized statues arranged in battle formation.

details this amazing discovery,
and ventures back in time to tell of the man who had this motionless
army assembled, and whose tomb they guard. It is a mesmerizing journey
back 2,200 years, to when China’s first ruler, Ch’in Shihuang, forged
an empire. Testimony from archaeologists and Chinese scholars and
stunning computer graphics reveal the controversial connections
between modern day China, her first emperor, and the unique army
that stand guard over what may become the most electrifying archaeological
discovery of all time the unopened tomb of Emperor Ch’in Shihuang.”

product is unavailable for shipment outside the U.S. and Canada

“Treasure! King Herod’s Lost City”

“2,000 years ago, King Herod the Great built a wondrous city
by the sea. For 1,200 years it stood, its history a kaleidoscopic
tableaux of legendary figures and conflict. But some six centuries
ago, its Moslem rulers destroyed it to its foundations rather than
let it fall into the hands of their enemies.

is a mesmerizing journey through the
history of this fabled place. Discover how the city reflected its
creator and his legacy of cruelty, bloodshed and violence. Over
the centuries, it passed from Roman Paganism to Byzantine Christianity
to Moslem rule to Crusader and back to the Moslems before being
razed. Join teams that are now working to bring the city and its
rumored riches to light. Biblical scholars tell of the role of figures
like Pontius Pilate and the apostles Peter and Paul, who left their
legacies as part of the heritage of this storied, lost city.

the pages of the Old Testament to the blistering sands of the Middle
Eastern desert, this is a fascinating chronicle of

product is unavailable for shipment outside the U.S. and Canada

“Mystical Monuments of Ancient Greece”

“The glorious temples of Athens’s Acropolis bear silent witness
to the high point of Ancient Greece’s fabled civilization. Built
during the rule of the legendary Pericles the most powerful leader
in Athens’s history majestic temples like the Parthenon and the
Erectheum amaze us to this day.

what was the real purpose of these stunning structures at the heart
of the finest city in the ancient world? Were they the centerpiece
of a truly civilized society and the symbols of a new form of government
known as democracy? Or were they the seat of a brutal cult devoted
to Athena, goddess of wisdom and war? Ancient Mysteries. delves
into the secret history of Greece’s golden age. Get a behind-the-scenes
look at the famous monuments with the men who are unearthing their
mysteries, and trace the extraordinary story of how they were built
and used.”

product is unavailable for shipment outside the U.S. and Canada

“Cleopatra’s World: Alexandria Revealed”

“From Shakespeare to Cecil B. DeMille, the world’s great storytellers
have been entranced by the story of the Queen of the Nile. But the
image of the ultimate seductress, which has been handed down and
reinforced for 2,000 years, is only one aspect of the tale of Cleopatra.
And it may not even be accurate.

visits the ruins of Alexandria, one of the most
glorious cities of the Ancient World, in search of the truth about
the alluring ruler who lived there. There, among the relics of a
civilization thousands of years old, the world’s leading scholars
share their insights and discoveries about the legendary queen.
The picture that emerges goes far beyond the familiar tales of a

a world ruled by men, she kept her independence and prevented her
empire from being overrun. And as this program reveals, she did
it with far more than just good looks.”

product is unavailable for shipment outside the U.S. and Canada

“Dreamtime of the Aborigines”

“They are the oldest continual culture on earth. Enshrined in
oral traditions stretching back perhaps 100,000 years are secrets
which are memorized by initiates but strictly forbidden any outsiders.
Their ancient chants and rites may bring fertility to the land,
health to the sick and death to their enemies.

is a spellbinding journey into the
mysteries of this ancient culture. Join host Leonard Nimoy as he
investigates the astonishing philosophy that appears to bind the
present, past and future into one and give these people stunning
power. Can their doctors perform surgery without entering the body?
Do the spirits of their ancestors really guide their steps today?
Incredible evidence, revealing interviews and stunning footage of
the Aborigines’ life in their beautiful, harsh land makes this a
memorable inquiry into the myths and realities of one of the world’s
most enigmatic people.”

product is unavailable for shipment outside the U.S. and Canada

“Forgotten City of the Jungle”

“In the dangerous wilds of Western Cambodia is a vast ancient
city spread over 75 square miles of dense jungle. The magnificent
palaces and mysterious stone temples were hidden from human eyes
for generations, but are now recognized as one of the world’s great

is an incredible adventure through
the awesome ruins of the ruins of Angkor. Marvel at the beauty of
the incredible structures that have been reclaimed from the rapacious
jungle, and explore newly opened temples alongside the archaeologists
who are working to uncover their secrets. Hear of the ghosts and
spirits said to inhabit the majestic metropolis. But who built this
incredible city, and why did they abandon it after at least 400
years? Interviews with historians, archaeologists and the author
of the definitive work on Angkor reveal the latest findings and

the mesmerizing secrets of the

product is unavailable for shipment outside the U.S. and Canada

“The Maya”

“More than 1000 years ago in Mexico, the great temple-city of Palenque
thrived as an important center of the Mayan world. Mysteriously
abandoned in 835 AD, it has preserved countless secrets ever since.

to the Mexican jungle on a quest to unearth the mysteries of one
of the great empires of the New World. Scale the height of Palenque’s
great palace to investigate the Temple of Inscriptions, and find
out why the Mayans altered their historical records. Join archaeologist
Alberto Ruz, who, in 1952, finally cleared away the rubble from
the temple and discovered the bones of six children interred within.
Explore the significance of this find with scholars and experts,
and decide for yourself whether the rumors of the Mayan’s practice
of human sacrifice are justified. And find out what is known of
the Mayan ruler Pacal, who had the great temple built.

an extraordinary adventure into the confounding society that once
dominated Central America, and whose legacy and history puzzles
us to this day.”

product is unavailable for shipment outside the U.S. and Canada

“The Hidden City of Petra”

“At the dawn of the first millennium, an enterprising desert
people defied the forces of nature and carved a rose-colored city
out of the stark Jordanian mountains.

to the Middle East to visit the extraordinary ruins of Petra. Walk
the 2-mile chasm that leads into the city and emerge to one of the
most astonishing sights on earth the magnificent Kazneh, a Roman-influenced
facade carved into the side of a russet mountain.

35 miles of temples, tombs and colonnaded market streets, canal
systems and cisterns, exquisite frescoes and pottery standing in
silent tribute to a highly sophisticated, technologically superior
people and culture long vanished. And dig for clues to the fate
of the Nabateans Petra’s ancient masters alongside the archaeological
teams that have just started to unearth some of the site’s secrets.”


product is unavailable for shipment outside the U.S. and Canada

“The Bloody History of Human Sacrifice”

“It is the stuff of life. And to many ancient cultures, human
blood was the ultimate gift that could be offered to the gods. Across
continents and ages, the gruesome practice of human sacrifice has
been an integral part of the rites and rituals of many cultures.

has humanity so often combined worship with murder?
casts light on one
of the most mysterious, troubling and compelling of all human practices.
Travel to India, where the Hindu goddess Kali presides over the
domains of darkness and death, and ancient rituals demand blood
sacrifice to this terrifying figure. Visit sites where Aztec priests
offered up mass sacrifices of captured enemies to their bloodthirsty
gods where the blood ran so thick it had to be taken from the killing
floor in carved channels.

commentary from scholars worldwide, and extensive use of artwork
and ancient accounts detailing sacrificial rituals, this is a riveting
look at human sacrifice.”

product is unavailable for shipment outside the U.S. and Canada

“The Sphinx of Egypt”

“For thousands of years, it has gazed impassively at the desert
sands, confounding viewers with its enigmatic appearance. Now, the
mysteries of the Great Sphinx are revealed in this investigation.

the many enduring riddles of the mysterious half-man, half beast.
Commentary from leading experts, astonishing computer graphics and
the latest scientific findings combine to make this the definitive
examination of the famous ruin. Find out why the body and head are
made of different stones, and ponder why any ruler for it is universally
acknowledged that the Sphinx’s head is that of a pharaoh would allow
his image to be put on the body of a cat. Hear the latest theories
about whose visage it is, and review up-to-the-minute findings about
its construction.

an astonishing computer simulation shows what the Sphinx looked
like when it was built, long before it was abandoned to the desert
sands and scarred by the potshots of Napoleon’s troops.”

product is unavailable for shipment outside the U.S. and Canada

visit our New Dating
for the Great Sphinx
pages …

“Lost Treasures of the Ancient World Set 2”

“Using groundbreaking computer graphics and animation, this comprehensive
and illuminating program paints a vivid picture of the ancient world
and its legacy. See the awe-inspiring sites of antiquity as they
appeared in their heyday, and compare them to spectacular new footage
from Europe and North Africa. Expert analysis from leading authorities
and historians sheds new light on some of the world’s biggest mysteries,
from the fate of the fabled wonders of the ancient world, to the
conflicting stories surrounding the Ark of the Covenant and the
temple where it once resided.

the second set of
, includes these six videos





Romans in North Africa’

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World’

product is unavailable for shipment outside the U.S. and Canada

“The Secret Burial Mounds of Pre-Historic America”

“Across North America, tens of thousands of prehistoric mounds
offer tantalizing but tenuous clues to their long-vanished makers.
Ranging from vaguely recognizable lumps to astonishing, stories-high
structures, these mounds are among the most important archaeological
artifacts left by Native Americans. Yet almost nothing from how
they were constructed to their purpose is known for sure of these
puzzling mounds.

some of the most famous of these mysterious sites in search of answers
to the questions that have troubled anthropologists and historians
since they were first discovered. Take to the skies to see the incredible
earth sculptures whose shapes are hidden except from above and ponder
why and how they were made when no one could see them. Walk the
famed Monk’s Mound in Cahokia, Illinois with leading experts, and
hear the latest theories about these astonishing earthworks. Narrated
by Leonard Nimoy.”

product is unavailable for shipment outside the U.S. and Canada



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