Orkney Islands Astro-archæology Expedition – May 2003 Expedition Log – Day One – Monday, May 26

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The Morien

Institute May 2003 Astro-arch?ology Expedition got underway

on Sunday May 25th., 2003, and will culminate in the ‘annular

solar eclipse’ which will occur at sunrise on Saturday

May 31st 2003


is welcome to join us, but visitors wanting to find these sites on their

own would be wise to get a copy of the

Landranger Map No.6, which shows the location of most megalithic

sites on the Orkney Islands

The final

decision on the exact observation point for the eclipse will be made in

situ on the island, but will be either the

Ring of Brodgar megalithic stone circle, or the

Stones of Stenness – if observation of this events is possible

from either of these sites

This first

day of the expedition was meant to have been devoted solely to finding

the best megalithic observation site on the mainland of Orkney from which

to observe the ‘annular solar eclipse’.

What we hadn’t bargained for was the recovery time from the journey

(it took approx. 11 hours from Bangor, North

Wales to the ferry terminal at Scrabster), which took most

of Monday to get over

We did manage

to locate local food sources, and spent a little time orientating ourselves

geographically in relationship to the main cluster of megalithic sites

on mainland Orkney. Our ‘base’

for the expedition is at St. Margaret’s Hope, South Ronaldsay, about 35

minutes by car to the Stones of Stenness and the Ring of Brodgar



are some photos taken on our first day


the team on the ferry to Orkney

the expedition team on the ferry to Stromness


the Old Man of Hoy

the ‘Old Man of Hoy’, Orkney Islands


a cave facing southwest on Hoy

a cave on Hoy facing southwest


the cliffs of Hoy

the cliffs of Hoy


spectacular cliffs appear as we pass Hoy

spectacular cliffs appear as we pass Hoy


marking the 'base' location on the GPS unit

marking the ‘base’ location on the GPS unit


interested in joining us there should please phone the numbers below

when you arrive on the Orkney Islands


07791 764205

John 07810


Ichiro 07833



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